Sweet dog is overjoyed to get a visit from his homeless friend

Dogs are such such kind and loving animals — and they give their love freely and unconditionally. Dogs don’t care how much money you have or your status in life.

Like one sweet dog, who is overjoyed every day to see one of his favorite humans, a local homeless man.

Edna Kobori, from São Paulo, Brazil, adopted her dog Mimi in 2020 after the dog’s former owner died. She says Mimi overcame some initial heartbreak to become a very loving and social pet.

“When Mimi arrived, she was a very sad little dog,” Edna told The Epoch Times. “Any noise in the street, she turned around as if looking for someone. But from the beginning, she was always very affectionate. Loves hugging people. She loves people.”

And one of the dog’s favorite people in the neighborhood is a homeless man named Mr. Sebastião.

One of the best parts of Mimi’s day is getting a visit from Mr. Sebastião. One heartwarming video shared by the dog’s owner shows Mimi excitedly jumping up at her fence anticipating a visit from her homeless friend.

The two have clearly formed a loving bond and trust, and have become a special part of each other’s routines. “Mr. Sebastião… cannot pass my street without talking to Mimi,” Edna wrote on Facebook. “She knows who loves animals.”

Edna says that Sebastião has been living on the streets for 10 years, and that he’s well-known for his love for animals, writing on Facebook that the man even talks to the birds.

She told Epoch Times that the man had two dogs of his own, but after they died he didn’t want to adopt more, so spending a little time with Mimi every day is no doubt as meaningful to him as it is to the dog.

“He is a well-known figure and receives help from many residents of the neighborhood. He doesn’t drink, he never bothered anyone, he doesn’t ask for anything. Loves animals.”

What a sweet friendship. It’s a reminder that dogs will always show love to those that are kind to animals.

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