Suspicious man attacks woman from behind – images of how the dog saves her have been shared all over the world

Dogs never cease to amaze us with their goodness and heroism but I have to say that of all the stories I’ve heard about brave and loyal dogs — this is one might be the most impressive.

A dog was sitting in the middle of the street in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, when he saw a woman who was carrying shopping bags approach him.

All of the sudden a man starts walking close behind the woman with what seems to be suspicious intentions.

What happens next has turned this pooch into a true hero.

A video, which has now been shared across the world, managed to catch the precise moment when the man, who was  wearing a yellow phosphorescent jacket, approached the woman.

The woman was totally oblivious to what was happening behind her and can be seen in the video walking calmly while the man walks close behind.

The video shows how the dog observed the whole scene from the beginning and how at one point he seems to be getting tense and stares at them.

The man then attacked the woman from behind but didn’t have much luck because this dog had already figured out that the man was trying to steal the woman’s bag. Talk about a clever dog.

And that’s when the dog came to her rescue — he jumped right up against the man and can be seen biting him from behind.

Surprised and frightened, the thief let go of the woman’s bag and ran off, while the dog chased him and tried to bite him again.

I’ll let you see for yourself this brave gesture by this superhero dog.

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Posted by Podgorički vremeplov on Thursday, November 23, 2017

Isn’t this video just amazing? Once again it’s been proven that dogs truly are something else. They don’t call them man’s best for nothing!

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