Sunlight-loving dog always knows where to find the perfect napping spot

It’s officially summer, which means it’s time to catch some rays and have fun in the sun.

But one cool dog is proving that you don’t need to leave your house to soak in the sunlight, you just need to find the right spot.

Nellie is a four-month-old “sausage pup” who lives with her owner Freddy Masters. This puppy is growing up fast, so she gets a nap in whenever she can.

“She’s teething so she’s a gorgeous, sleepy, sun-loving puppy half the time, and a land shark the other half,” Freddy told The Dodo.

But while she’s napping Nellie likes to catch some rays. She’ll sleep anywhere as long as its in the sunlight… and her owner discovered she’ll always find the perfect spot.

Freddy caught the puppy laying perfectly in a ray of sunlight coming from the window and rushed to capture the sight.

“I was on a work Zoom call when I saw her lying perfectly in that spot,” he said. “I had to carefully pretend to still be listening while capturing it. It only lined up like that for about five minutes so I’m glad I acted fast!”

That perfect photo went viral online, but it was far from the only time Nellie has found a cozy spot to nap in.

Her Instagram account shows her knack for always finding the right spot.

“She lies in any spot of sun that she finds,” her owner told The Dodo. “The other day there was a patch of sun on the wall, and I caught her resting her head up against the wall.”

This dog is living her best life. Keep basking in the sunlight, Nellie! Share these adorable photos!