Street vendor is caught on camera giving the last of his food to hungry stray dogs

There are so many stray dogs around the world, who are fending for themselves and relying on the kindness of people. But luckily, there are many good samaritans who will do whatever they can to help, providing them with food and warmth.

And sometimes, it’s the people you least expect, people who have the least to give, who are the most generous. That was the case recently, after a kind deed from a street vendor was caught on camera and has now gone viral.

The story comes from Puebla, Mexico, in a video shared by local news outlet Expreso.

A lone street vendor is seen walking down the street, carrying his goods on his back:


But he soon realizes he isn’t alone — two stray dogs are following him:


But instead of ignoring the dogs, he stops — and decides to feed them!

The black stray dog comes right up to him, and he gives him food from his supply, which the dog happily scarfs up.


Making sure both dogs are fed, he throws some food to the other stray, who is hanging back.


As a street vendor, he might’ve been able to sell that food, or even keep it for himself after a long day of work, but instead he decided to feed these hungry dogs, who have likely gone a long time without any food. There’s no doubt he made these dogs’ day a whole lot brighter.

Most inspiringly, he did so completely anonymously, unaware that his good deed was caught on camera.

“He was caught doing something unique when he thought no one was seeing him,” Expreso wrote.

His kind act has now gone viral, with over 4.6 million views in just a few weeks.

The man has not been identified and there is little else known about him, but according to Expreso the person who recorded the video “was amazed by the gesture and asked to meet this excellent person.”

While it was clearly a thankless act, hopefully the man can be found so he can see what an impact his good deed made on the internet.

“God bless you for such a noble gesture towards those little animals,” a top comment on the Facebook video reads.

Being kind to stray animals says a lot about a person’s character, and we’re so glad this man went out of his way to help these hungry dogs.

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