Street dog travels 6,000 miles to be reunited with woman who saved her

Street dog travels 6,000 miles to be reunited with the woman who saved her

Sometimes, when you’re least expecting, you meet an animal and you know there is nothing else you can do but take care of it – whatever it takes.

When Sam, from the U.S., was working as a volunteer for an animal shelter in Argentina she found a skinny, desperate dog living on the streets.

She called the dog Estelle and did all she could to help her, despite the dog being in poor health.

“She was very skinny, fragile and did not respond to food. I immediately moved her to a kennel so she could rest easy,” Sam said.

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Sam fell in love with the struggling pooch and hoped to adopt her when she was healthy enough however, the coronavirus crisis hit and Sam was forced to return to the U.S.

“They didn’t give me a choice, I had to go home in a matter of days,” she said.

Sam couldn’t bear to be apart from Estelle but couldn’t take her back to the U.S. as Estelle was too weak.

The dog lover returned to the U.S. heartbroken but with the assurance her animal-loving colleague Hugo would take care of Estelle until she was strong enough to travel.

Estelle junto a Hugo, quien la cuidó unos días antes de su viaje. Foto: Clarín.

When Estelle had gained weight, she was accompanied by plane from Argentina to Miami with a stop in Colombia.

After landing in the U.S. Estelle was driven to an anxious Sam, eagerly awaiting her arrival and ready to show Estelle her new home.

‘The dream had come true’

This sweet dog had traveled more than 6,000 miles over 20 days to be with her beloved dog mom. Sam even used some of her college savings to pay for Estelle’s travel expenses.

“It took a while for me to assimilate that it was all over, that the dream had come true and that she had finally come home,” said Sam.


These two are very lucky to have found each other and thanks to animal heroes like Sam, dogs like Estelle get the loving home they deserve.

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