Street dog found under blanket too weak to stand – watch him take his first steps after 20 days of care

Life on the streets is hard enough for homeless animals, the uncertainty of whether they are going to eat and where they are going to sleep is a daily struggle for these helpless creatures.

But spare a thought for those animals who no longer have the strength to find food. For one dog, later called Sparkle, he was found under a blanket so weak he couldn’t stand.

Animal Aid Unlimited, based in India, received a call that a young street dog was unable to move on his own.

Staff discovered an upsetting sight as Sparkle was so thin, they realized time was running out for this weak hound.

Despite the dog being too weak to move he still managed to wag his tail when rescuers showed up, so happy at the prospect of being saved.

Rescuers gently lifted the weak, sick pup and took him back to the clinic where he was examined. They discovered that he was suffering with a distemper virus which was preventing him from keeping food down.

He was given antibiotics while x-rays showed he had no broken bones, he was just too weak to stand.

It took staff five days of tender, loving care before Sparkle showed any signs of improvement, by day 7 he was receiving light physiotherapy and by day 20 he delighted staff by taking his first steps.

Sweet Sparkle was desperate to get to staff for some love and attention which helped spur him on to walk to them.

“He was so sensitive that it seemed like love was as important to him as food itself and we wondered if his condition could have improved without it,” Animal Aid wrote on its YouTube page.

“He didn’t stand for quite a few days, and when he did, he seemed to be propelled by his will to give love.”

The video below shows him taking his first steps and how he looks today; it’s a heartwarming transformation.

Sparkle’s future is uncertain but at least he’s been given a second chance to experience the love and care he deserves.

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