Stray dog wanders onto ranch looking for help — family knows it’s meant to be

Sometimes animals come into our lives unexpectedly and we know it’s just meant to be. That was the case recently, when one family found a stray dog on their ranch and realized she was already home.

Alexandra Waychoff and her family own a ranch in North Carolina. It’s home to many kinds of animals, but recently the family found one unexpected guest in their driveway.


It was a white stray dog, described as friendly but “very thin and hungry,” according to a TikTok.

The dog was covered in fleas and ticks, but Alexandra gave her a bath, which the gentle dog appreciated.

The family thought that the dog would go on her way, but the next morning she was at their front door waiting for them. “She’s so sweet and deserves a loving family,” they wrote on TikTok.


I’m not sure what brought her to us, but we’ll do our best for this deserving dog 🤍 #straydog #rescuedog #animalsoftiktok

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In a follow-up video, the family said that the dog, now named Leia, was still in their care: “We quickly fell in love with her sweet personality.”

Leia was treated for flea, tick and intestinal worm infestations. She is believed to be a 1-year-old Carolina Dog, a rare breed “known for being feral.” She did not have a microchip.

And in an inspiring happy ending to the story, the family has decided to adopt Leia for good! “We’ve decided to keep her and give her the best life we can, because her beautiful doggie soul deserves it,” Alexandra wrote.

“Even though she’s only been with us for a few days, we’re bonded to her and feel that she was sent to us for a reason.”


Adding this precious girl to our family just felt right 🙏 welcome to the ranch Leia #rescuedog #rescueanimals #rescuestory #straydogs #gooddog

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She wrote that Leia “doesn’t like to be restrained or confined,” so the family has installed an invisible fence to keep her secure on the ranch when she wants to be outside.

The family has been slowly introducing Leia to their other dogs. It’s not known if Leia has ever lived with other dogs before. “I’ll continue to have them spend time together in neutral space around our house so that neither of them feels territorial,” she wrote. “But I think they’re going to become fast friends.”

In the days since they adopted her, Leia has been acclimating to her new life on the ranch. “She’s been very curious, and enjoys exploring our property with one of us by her side,” Alexandra told Newsweek. “She’s been enjoying watching our chickens as well.”

She hopes that Leia’s story inspires people to be compassionate towards animals in need.

“I’ve always wanted a chance to provide love and care to an animal in need,” she said. “I hope that videos like mine help people open their hearts to all types of animals and inspire them to treat animals well no matter what.”

What a sweet story, thank you for taking this dog in! Enjoy your new home, Leia!

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