Stray dog waits in the same spot every day for his owner to return – greets every stranger with love

All dogs are loveable in their own way but there are some that instantly capture your heart.

Remy was a stray dog who greeted every passerby with a wagging tail and so much love, unusual for an animal who had clearly suffered at the hands of humans.

Romanian dog rescue organization Howl of a Dog met Remy while carrying out their neutering program. They instantly fell in love with the hound who waited in the same spot every day outside a grocery store.


The young dog had a scar on his nose where his previous owner had used a hot iron to scald him. In Romania this is a common practice thought to boost the dog’s immunity and make them stronger.

It, of course, does nothing of the sort and only hurts the poor animal. Remy also had part of his ear missing.

Couldn’t forget sweet Remy

Staff from the nonprofit gave Remy food, water, a health check and neutered him, but couldn’t forget the sweet, friendly dog and had to make regular checks to see how he was doing.

They even gave him a collar so people wouldn’t think he was feral and asked around to find out his story and see if a home could be found.

Remy is a dog that we spotted during the spay/neuter campaign we organized in a rural area, in September. He was living…

Gepostet von Howl Of A Dog am Samstag, 14. Dezember 2019

Unfortunately, many people in Romania only want dogs for protection, farming and hunting, a friendly dog like Remy is considered useless and so staff decided to take Remy back to the shelter.

An appeal was put out on social media saying they would be happy to organize international adoptions for this sweet dog.

“Remy is the most wonderful dog one could ever wish for: friendly, smart, very loving with everyone, good with other dogs, obedient, house trained. He’s approximately 3 years old, fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped,” staff from the nonprofit wrote on their Facebook page.

A video of him was posted on YouTube which was watched by 4 million people and the organization was inundated with offers to adopt Remy.

A forever home was carefully picked for Remy in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We hope you are very happy in your new home Remy, you deserve it! Please share.