Stray dog refuses to leave pregnant dog’s side after she’s struck by a car

It’s amazing how protective dogs can be. They have a way of sensing when others need their help and will loyally stay by someone’s side when they need help.

That was the case for one stray dog, who heroically stayed by another dog’s side after a terrible accident.

In 2018, in Muscoy, California, a German shepherd named Marley was struck by a car, shattering one of her elbows and fracturing one leg.

She was just laying on the road in pain. Cars passed, but no one stopped to help the poor dog… no one except a stray named Murphy.

Murphy sat by the dog’s side, standing guard until help arrived. An organization called Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue got the call about the injured dog and arrived on the scene.

Things seemed grim: “Marley was in terrible distress and pain and breathing heavily,” rescuer Faith Easdale told The Dodo. “We weren’t even sure if she was going to make it.”

It was difficult but the team got the suffering dog into their car to bring her to safety… and loyal Murphy kept by her side: “Murphy wouldn’t leave her side on the street.”

Marley was taken to the hospital, where they treated her injuries.

Despite their fears for the worst, the dog began to recover.

And in a stunning twist, the x-ray revealed a surprise: Marley was actually pregnant with 11 puppies!

The mother-to-be was taken into a foster home. Even though she was in a cast and recovering from her injuries, Marley successfully gave birth to a litter of happy, healthy puppies.

“She had 6 handsome boys and 4 lovely little ladies,” I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue wrote on Facebook. “They are in a loving foster home and are all doing amazing!”

As for Murphy, he got his own happy ending.

Murphy hung around the hospital to make sure his friend was okay. But once he was sure she was being taken care of, he was ready to go find his own home.

The rescue team got the dog adopted, ensuring he’d get the happy forever home he deserved.

Two years later, Marley is still doing well. “Today her babies are all grown up and Marley is loved and cherished,” Faith Easdale wrote on Facebook in January.

“Teamwork… love and tears saved her.”

Thank you to everyone who saved this beautiful dog and her puppies! We’re so glad both these dogs are adopted and doing great!

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