Stray dog found with half her face eaten by maggots survives against all odds

Stray dog found with half her face eaten by maggots survives against all odds

It’s hard to believe this dog was found alive and had the fighting spirit she proved to have considering the state she was in when rescuers found her.

India is thought to have the highest number of stray dogs in the world, around 30 million, according to the BBC.

There are people working to combat the issue by rounding stray dogs up, sterilizing them and vaccinating them against rabies, but there aren’t enough people to deal with the numbers.

When organization Animal Aid Unlimited, based in the Indian city of Rajasthan, found one stray dog nothing could prepare them for the condition she was in.


Half her face had been eaten by maggots and she was also suffering from the often fatal Canine Distemper virus. The condition affects a dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems, as well as its eyes.

I can’t imagine the pain this poor dog was in. Veterinary surgeons had to sedate her so they could deep clean her face and remove the maggots.


Those that looked after her couldn’t believe how sweet she was considering the pain she was experiencing and what she had endured.

They gave her all the love they could, holding bowls of food up to her mouth so she could easily eat and nourish her body.


“To have your strength simultaneously used to heal a devastating and huge wound, it’s just hard to imagine anyone surviving. Her body seemed so fragile and defeated when we rescued her. But her strength must have come from her soul,” a post of her recovery on YouTube read.

She went through weeks of treatment after suffering more than any of us can imagine and yet her tail never stopped wagging and she showed no signs of aggression throughout her painful treatment.


With the sweetest temperament and inner strength Juliet is barely recognizable today.

Watch Juliet’s remarkable recovery in the clip below and please note some viewers may find the images distressing.

We hope Juliet continues to live a happy life filled with all the love she deserves after such a horrific start in life.

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