Strangers spot puppy lying beside a box near the road –taking its final breaths

Strangers spot puppy lying beside a box near the road –taking its final breaths


There are few things that make me angry, but one thing that is sure to get my blood boiling is the abuse of a defenseless animal.

Unfortunately, it happens all time – all over over the world.

In this case, a malnourished little puppy was found alone and abandoned on the street. In the burning sun, behind a large cardboard box, she lay unconscious, her breathing of the labored kind that usually comes just before death.

But soon the animal heroes at Animal Aid Unlimited in India heard about the fate of the poor puppy. The volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited have seen a lot in their days, but the scene with the dying dog was shocking.

”Our rescue team rushed her to Animal Aid where we discovered she was in shock with severe dehydration, probably caused by untreated diarrhea”, Animal Aid Unlimited said.

Had the animal organization not arrived in time, it would probably have ended very tragically for this little puppy. Fortunately, she was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital where veterinarians got a closer look at her.

Even so, no one was sure if she would survive or not.

At the hospital, the puppy was given a thorough examination. Her blood pressure was low. The veterinarians were worried that it might be too late. Luckily, they managed to give her the fluids her tiny body needed in time.

Thankfully, it all ended well and the puppy survived! Just a day later, she was like a whole new puppy again – she played and wagged her tail!

How she could go from crying her death cries to being happy, alert and wanting to chew on peoples’ noses in a matter of hours is amazing.

Thank you Animal Aid Limited and all the wonderful animal friends out there that make such a big difference to our four-legged friends! Now let’s share this article on Facebook to pay tribute to these animal heroes.