Starving dog rescued and freed from rope tied so tightly she can barely breathe

Starving dog rescued and freed from rope tied so tightly she can barely breathe

The suffering some animals have to bear with no hope of escaping their abusers is an unbearable thought.

I cannot fathom the mind of someone who would chain a dog and starve it until it becomes so weak, all it can do is lie down. I constantly question how we can allow these people to keep our beautiful animals.


For a dog called Esmerelda, she not only had to endure this torture but with a rope tied so tightly around her neck it was blocking her airways.

When a passerby in Panama noticed the state she was in she took a picture and posted it on social media appealing for help.

Paws 4 Hope responded and rescued the sweet dog who was close to death.


She was immediately placed on an IV and tests showed she was suffering from dehydration, malnutrition, and anemia.

The road ahead was uncertain and for her to have any chance she had to be placed on 24/7 care and rehabilitation.


Staff considered every day she woke as a miracle; it was clear she was so weak and fighting for her life. She even managed to lift her head and drink water for herself.

Sadly, she wasn’t strong enough to recover from the abuse she had suffered and she passed away.

The video below shows the horrendous state she was in when rescuers found her. The look in her eyes is heartbreaking.

I hope her owners are punished for abusing a dog in such a horrific way, this was slow torture and it breaks my heart to see this innocent animal in such a state. Rest in peace sweet Esmerelda.

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