Spelunkers find dog who was missing for months in cave, embark on rescue mission

It’s always hard when a dog goes missing, but sometimes they show up in the most unexpected places

Like one dog, who was discovered trapped in a cave two months after he went missing, and was saved by some good samaritan cave divers.

In a Facebook post, cave diver Rick Haley shared the “feel good story of survival.” He says that he was part of a group of spelunkers who entered a cave in Perry County, Missouri. According to FOX 2, it was the Tom Moore Cave system, the state’s second-longest cave at 24.5 miles long.

But in the cave, the group made an unexpected discovery: they found a lost dog, all alone and clearly struggling. “The dog was not in good shape,” Rick wrote.

He and fellow diver Gerry Keene facilitated a cave rescue of the dog, packaging her in a duffel bag. They then moved her up a steep, 500-foot vertical climb, “handing her hand to hand upward to the surface.”

Despite the awkward maneuvering, the dog was grateful for all their help. “She was totally cooperative,” Rick wrote.

Once out of the cave, the spelunking group found the dog’s owner, and discovered she was a missing dog named Abby — and that she had been missing since June!

The dog had been on her own for two months, and it isn’t clear exactly how long she was in the cave, but it’s amazing she survived. The group told FOX 2 that there was running water nearby with fish and crustaceans that Abby might’ve subsisted on, but she was also in total darkness.

Needless to say, she was glad to be free and back with her owner: “She was happy to be out!” Rick wrote.

Thank you to these spelunkers for saving this dog! We’re so glad she’s finally out of that cave and back with her owner!

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