'Skin and bones' dog ditched outside shelter finds his forever home

‘Skin and bones’ dog ditched outside shelter finds his forever home

It can be truly unbelievable how cruel some people can be to animals. So many pets are left for dead by their owners and found in terrible shape.

Thankfully, there are also people in the world willing to step up and care for these dogs and give them a second chance. That was the case for one abandoned dog, who began a road to recovery after being rescued — and thankfully, has now found a new home.

The dog, now named Olympus, was ditched outside Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia. The dog had been left there overnight in the freezing cold, not discovered until the next morning. Animal control employees found the dog in heartbreaking condition.

“He couldn’t stand, was freezing cold, skin and bones, had dirt poring out of his mouth and was so pitiful it broke our hearts,” RACC wrote on Facebook.

Even for people who work professionally with rescue animals, this was a particularly shocking case: “Sometimes we just can’t take it anymore,” they wrote. “Sometimes the things people do to animals is overwhelming and it makes us want to lay on the floor and cry.”

But instead of giving into despair, they jumped into action to save the dog’s life. The shelter’s director warmed Olympus in their car as they rushed to the hospital, where vets administered emergency care.

“His temperature was too low to read and his blood pressure wasn’t strong enough to place an IV,” RACC wrote.

“They warmed him up, started sub Q fluids and we prayed that his body could make a comeback.”

No one was sure if Olympus would survive. But in an update, they reported that the poor dog was “still alive and doing well,” and thanked followers for their support.

They also said that an investigation into the case was “thriving” but that they couldn’t offer any further details. Hopefully, the previous owner who abandoned Olympus will be found and face consequences.

Update: March 2022

Richmond Animal Care and Control has shared an inspiring update to Olympus’ sad story: he has found a forever home!

On March 1, RACC wrote that Olympus was “doing great,” gaining back 55% of his original weight. His white blood cell count was also back to normal.

Olympus’ health had improved so much in their care that they knew it was time to put him up for adoption. They looked for a family that could continue to care for Olympus on his road to recovery, asking for experience caring for dogs with medical conditions.

“Let’s find this sweet boy the best home ever!” they wrote.

We are so very happy to share that Olympus is doing great! 💕 He had us all worried there for a bit, but his strength and…

Posted by Richmond Animal Care and Control on Tuesday, March 1, 2022

On March 5, they announced that after weeks of thorough treatment with “touch and go” results and “thousands of dollars in vet care,” Olympus has finally found a happy ending, getting adopted by a sweet new family!

RACC shared a photo of Olympus with his new family, and he seems pretty happy to be going home:

We are thrilled to announce that Olympus has found his forever home! After weeks of treatment (touch and go results;…

Posted by Richmond Animal Care and Control on Saturday, March 5, 2022

We’re sure that his new family will give him all the love and care he needs as he continues his road to full recovery, and let him know that he’s finally in good hands after enduring so much cruelty.

There seems to be no updates into the search Olympus’ former owner, but the case is likely still ongoing.

RACC once again thanked everyone for their support, the “healing prayers and well wishes from across the country,” acknowledging what a true miracle Olympus’ story was.

“We honestly can’t believe he lived…it was tough there for a bit!” they wrote.

It’s unbelievable that anyone could leave a dog for dead like this, but we’re so glad this rescue got him the love and care he needed in time — and that he’s found such a loving forever home!

Thank you to everyone who helped give this sweet dog a second chance!

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