Six puppies were hiding in freezing crawl space under abandoned house — rescuers crawl for 4 hours to save them

A group of puppies was found nearly frozen to death underneath an abandoned house — but thankfully rescuers were there to save the day.

Last month, the Protective Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) received a call from a good samaritan that there were puppies in the crawl space beneath an abandoned house in Missouri.

The little dogs’ lives were in serious danger: it was one of the coldest days of the year amidst a deadly cold snap, and they were freezing. Rescuers from PAWS “jumped into action” and arrived on the scene.

For four hours, the rescuers crawled through the frozen crawl space to get the puppies out one at a time. A TikTok video shows the difficult and laborious process, and the rescuers say “the last pup really gave us a run for our money,” evading their help.


But it was all worth it: in the end all 6 puppies were rescued, safe and sound. They were brought to PAWS for vetting.

“What a crazy experience,” the organization wrote on Facebook. “We are so glad we were able to save these pups before temperatures dropped even more. Thank you to the good samaritans that alerted us to these pups!”


Todays #rescuestory was one of our craziest yet. We spent 4 hours in a frozen crawl space to save 6 #puppies who were under an abandoned house during a deadly cold snap. We need help with these kids vetting! Please donate at! #sharethis #dogsofttiktok #dogrescue #puppytiktok #followandlike #summer #donate #nonprofit #community #animalrescue

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A few days later, PAWS shared an inspiring update to the story: the puppies’ mother was also found safe, and was in their care after being successfully trapped.

The mother has heart worms and will need treatment, but PAWS said that both the mama and her pups will be placed in foster homes and hopefully find their forever homes soon.


Momma has been found! Thank you to everyone who is following their journey! Momma has heartworms and will need treatment, if youd like to donate please visit! #rescuestory #sharethis #puppies #dogsofttiktok #dogrescue #reunited #followandlike #donate #nonprofit #notyouraverageshelter #animalrescue #storytime

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Thank you to these rescuers who went the extra mile to save these puppies from freezing! 😮❤️ We hope the dogs all find great homes soon!

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