This sick puppy was saved from misery: Now watch her reaction when a familiar face appears in the animal shelter

I love animals and there’s one thing I can say straight away that should be obvious: anyone who chains a dog up out in the rain and just leaves the poor pup there shouldn’t have anything to do with animals.

That’s exactly what happened to Chunkie, who was living a miserable, scary life alone out in the rain.

But one day, everything changed… thanks to hero fireman Mike Thawley.

It was a sight that made Mike Thawley’s heart break.

Chained to a post in the pouring rain, with nobody to care for her, was a puppy. Abandoned, sick and clearly very ill-treated.

Mike knew that he couldn’t just walk away. He stood there in the rain and kept an eye out for an owner… but time went by, and no one showed up.

So Mike decided to act.

Sacramento Fire Department (Facebook)

He took the puppy with him to the firestation, where she was given a bath and taken care of.

After that he took her with her to an animal shelter for a much needed vet check up.

Hopefully now she would be able to find a new, loving home.

But it wasn’t long before the pair met again.

Sacramento Fire Department (Facebook)

Mike had a hard time letting go of the dog he had rescued from a life of misery.

So the day after, he decided to take a trip to the animal shelter to check in on her.

And the moment when Chunkie realized it was her rescuer who came back is unbeatable.

Talk about a magical reunion!


Chunkie was so grateful for being saved that she formed an immediate attachment to Mike.

The minute he’d left her at the animal shelter she’d started to miss him!

It really shows in these pictures – that’s pure love in her eyes.

But best of all… Mike decided to adopt Chunkie!


Watch the wonderful reunion in the clip below:

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