Sick dog was surrendered when his owners couldn’t afford medication — inspires pet pantry for those in need

Pets bring a lot of joy into our lives, but giving them the proper care they need can get expensive. Veterinary expenses can be a strain on one’s wallet, and not everyone can afford it.

That was the case for one dog, who was surrendered by his loving owners because they couldn’t afford his medicine — but the sad story inspired an inspiring cause to help others in need.

Last year, an 8-year-old bully dog named Clyde was surrendered to Albert’s Dog Lounge, a volunteer-run rescue in Wisconsin. Clyde had infections all over his body and was almost completely fur-less.

He was surrendered by his owners not because he was unwanted, but because he had infections and his owners couldn’t afford the medications he desperately needed.

“Clyde had a family that loved and actually cared for him very much,” founder Mandy Lewis told WMTV. “The issue was they had little resources within the community and so they knew that they needed help with the medications and all the things that he needed to be healthy. And so, they chose to surrender him.”

No one should have to give up a beloved pet just because they can’t afford treatments, and it’s heartbreaking that there were no resources to help.

But that unfortunate situation inspired an idea to help other dogs in need: Mandy started “Clyde’s Closet,” a free pet pantry that provides medication and supplies to pet owners in need.

The pantry is located in Whitewater, Wisconsin, opened to the public on May 29 and is funded by donations from local dog lovers in the community.

According to a Facebook post, the pantry’s items include diapers, shampoos, leashes, collars, dishes, dog waste bags and grooming supplies.

The service is first-come-first-served, and users are encouraged to only take what they need and let others benefit from it.

“We were inspired by Clyde to do something more for our community,” Mandy told WMTV. “And really by the influx of support that we receive as a rescue. So, we are very graciously blessed with so many donations. And we like to share those donations and pay it forward within the community.”

So what happened to Clyde, the dog who inspired this whole movement? His story has a very happy ending.

While he was taken in in bad shape, Clyde’s condition slowly improved. His skin healed and over time his fur began to grow back. He was taken in by a foster family, and by Christmas they decided to adopt him for good!

“It was always obvious from the start that Clyde had immediately had a very special bond with his foster family–you could visibly see the love they shared,” Albert’s Dog Lounge wrote.

These days, Clyde can often be found helping out at the pet supply pantry that he inspired and bears his name. “One of Clyde’s favorite things to do at night is to help stock the pantry back up,” a post says.

And most importantly, his story still inspires people to give back and help pet owners in need.

It’s sad that Clyde had to be surrendered, but we’re glad everything worked out for him and that he inspired this project to help pet owners in need.

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