Shelter’s ‘oldest doggy duo’ with a combined age of 34 finally find a home together

All shelter dogs deserve to find loving homes, but for some it can be a challenge. Older dogs have a harder time getting adopted, as do dogs who have to be adopted as a pair.

So it was a double challenge for Sheba and Teddy, their shelter’s oldest-ever pair of dogs with a combined age of 34.

But thankfully, these dogs have now found a home together ❤️

In a Facebook post, Dogs Trust wrote about a pair of dogs named Sheba and Teddy who had been cared for at their Evesham location.

The 17-year-old Collie crosses ended up in the shelter after their owner passed away. Dogs Trust took on the challenge of finding these senior dogs a new home where they could spend their twilight years together.

Facebook/Dogs Trust

“Sheba and Teddy’s world was turned upside down when their owner died,” Chris Slight, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Evesham, told SWNS. “We were all eager to find them a home together – which was proving difficult due to their age and because we were looking for an owner to take on a pair.”

With a combined age of 34, the doggy duo was believed to be the oldest pair of dogs in the rescue’s history.

But thankfully, the dogs soon crossed paths with someone who would change their lives. Sue Lewis, a 69-year-old from Worcestershire, England, had been volunteering at the rescue after the death of her own beloved dog.

“I became a volunteer dog walker at the Evesham rehoming centre in September last year, as I had a huge dog-shaped hole in my life since losing my last dog, Muttley, a year previously,” she told SWNS. “My husband Pete wasn’t quite ready to welcome another four-legged friend into our lives so I decided to get my dog-fix by volunteering.”

One day, she went out for a walk with Sheba and Teddy — and says she instantly fell in love.

After learning their sad story and their struggle to find a new home, Sue knew she was the one to give these dogs the life they deserved.

She brought the senior dogs home, and it was a perfect win-win situation: Sue had her own dogs again, and Sheba and Teddy had a home again.

“It’s so nice to be greeted by a waggy tail again after so long,” she said, according to the Facebook post. “Sheba and Teddy have settled in amazingly well, you can tell they were much-loved pets and used to their home comforts.”

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