Shelter’s longest resident dog finally gets adopted after 633 days

All shelter dogs dream of finding their forever home, but it can take some longer than others to get adopted. Some dogs wait months or even years before finding the right home.

That was the case for Acorn, who spent nearly two years in a shelter waiting for his home — but recently, his dream finally came true.

Acorn was in the care of the Outer Banks SPCA, in North Carolina, for 633 days. He was the shelter’s longest resident, according to a Facebook post.

That’s a long time for any dog to be in a shelter, and it would have been easy to give up on Acorn. But the shelter kept waiting, hoping that this sweet dog’s day would finally come.

This weekend, their patience paid off: on March 18, the Outer Banks SPCA announced that Acorn had finally been adopted!

“We have been waiting and hoping for this moment for a very long time,” they wrote.

It’s always a bittersweet moment to see a longtime shelter dog finally go off to their forever home: the staff, especially Acorn’s dedicated volunteer Brad, have “grown such an attachment to Acorn over the past few years.”

But still, it was a happy moment, the day they had all been waiting for for so long: “We remained hopeful that one day the right person would take the time with him and give him the home he deserves and our wish came true!”

All dogs deserve loving homes, and it’s heartbreaking that some have to wait years to be adopted. But we’re so glad Acorn’s long wait is finally over ❤️

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