Shelter volunteer fulfills five-year mission to help his favorite dog find a forever home

Every shelter dog is just waiting to find their forever home, but it takes some longer than others to get adopted. Some dogs spent months or even years waiting for the right family.

But one dog always had a friend looking out for him: his dog walker made it his mission to get the lonely pup adopted. And recently, he finally succeeded.

Ceasar arrived at the Animal Charity of Ohio in 2016, in poor shape. He suffered from a skin condition that left him with very little fur. His carers nicknamed him “Hairy,” leading to his name, which means hairy in Latin.

The charity says that Ceasar “made a full recovery” after being finally treated for his skin condition, and the dog’s personality began to shine through.

“Ceasar is a big boy with a big energy level and great athletic ability,” they wrote on Facebook. “But he’s not just a jock he is a smart boy too. He is very treat and food motivated which means you can teach him anything.”

But even with his fur regrown, no one was interested in adopting Ceasar. Years passed, and as people kept passing over Ceasar he ended up one of the shelter’s longest residents, surpassing the average tenure.

But Ceasar had one person in his corner, who was determined to help the dog find a home: Doug Sears, who volunteers as a dog walker at the shelter on his lunch breaks, felt a deep compassion for the dog.

“Something about Ceasar stole my heart,” Doug told WKBN. “I was just afraid that Ceasar might live the rest of his life here and I thought if he is going to live the rest of his life here, he might as well enjoy the rest of his life.”

Over the years, the two formed a close relationship. Photos show Doug taking Ceasar out for car rides, getting the lonely dog out of the shelter for the day.

Doug says he made it his “mission” to get Ceasar adopted, but it still took some time to find the right home.

But recently, their story got a happy ending: Ceasar finally found a home, after being adopted by one of Doug’s friends.

“It’s time he goes home and enjoys life on a couch with somebody who loves him,” Doug said. “I’m more than excited. I’m just glad I’m not crying. I’m really happy for him.”

It goes to show what can happen when someone believes in a dog and is determined to give them a better life. The Animal Charity of Ohio has many long-waiting dogs like Ceasar, and they hope others will have their own happy ending soon.

“All of our dogs are adoptable,” Jane MacMurchy of the charity told WKBN. “They can all find homes. It’s finding the right home that matches their needs.”

We’re so glad that Ceasar finally has a loving home after waiting for so many years. Thank you to Doug for always looking out for him!

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