Shelter seeking a home for elderly, cancer-stricken dog to spend his final days in

Shelter seeking a home for elderly, cancer-stricken dog to spend his final days in

All dogs deserve a loving home to spend the rest of their days in. Even elderly shelter dogs, who don’t have much time left and are often passed over by adopters, deserve their “forever home.”

Now, one shelter is searching for a caring home for a dog who is dying of cancer.

Reggie, a 9-year-old English bull terrier, arrived at the RSCPA Isle of Thanet in December after his owner, who was struggling to care for Reggie, was taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Reggie had a number of health issues himself: “Poor Reggie was in a real state when he came in,” Emily Mayer of the RSPCA branch told ITV. “His teeth were rotting and he had a number of lumps all over his body. He was also unneutered.” Reggie was also unable to see due to eye infections.

He underwent treatment and had the masses removed, but the vets discovered he had low grade mast cell cancer. The unfortunate diagnosis means that Reggie likely doesn’t have much longer to live.

While the poor dog can’t be put up for adoption, the RSPCA is now hoping to find a long-term, end-of-life foster home for Reggie.

“We had hoped we’d be able to find Reggie a new home but, due to his ongoing medical needs and the cancer diagnosis we’re now looking for a long-term foster home who can give Reggie the love he deserves with the support of our team,” Emily said.

The rescue is hoping to find someone local so Reggie can continue his medical treatments. But more importantly, they are hoping to find a “five-star foster home” that will give him all the love and attention he deserves, making the end of his life comfortable.

He definitely deserves one: not only has the poor old dog gone through so much, but his carers describe him as “the most loving soul” with “such a wonderful nature.”

“We all absolutely adore him,” Emily told ITV. “He still bounds around like a puppy and loves to play – and destroy – his squeaky toys!”

Anyone interested in giving this beautiful dog the love and care he needs during his remaining time should reach out to RSPCA Isle of Thanet. The foster should live nearby in Kent, England.

But if you’re unable to give Reggie a home, you can still help: the RSPCA branch is trying to raise money to finance the dog’s rising medical bills.

A JustGiving fundraising page has been set up, and currently has 74% of its target.

“His veterinary bills have already cost us hundreds of pounds, and it isn’t over,” the RSPCA wrote in their plea. “He has had several operations, but his treatment is ongoing, and we need your help to continue giving him the best possible care we can.”

“Help us to make Reggie’s last months/ years the best they can be, and join us in funding for the best treatment we can give him.”

We really hope that Reggie will be able to find a perfect foster home to spend the rest of his life in — he deserves all the love and attention he can get as he battles cancer.

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