Shelter lays out toys so dogs can choose their favorite Christmas present

At Christmas time, as many of us head home to spend the holidays with family, it’s important to remember those who don’t have a home at all — like the many homeless dogs who will spend the holidays in shelters.

But these dogs deserve some extra special Christmas cheer, and of course there’s nothing they love more than a squeaky new toy.

That’s why one animal charity has come up with an adorable Christmastime tradition: letting their dogs each pick their own present by laying out a huge selection of toys to choose from.


Since 2019, Dogs Trust Ireland has taken all the toys donated by supporters and lined them up across a room, and let the dogs from their Rehoming Centre come in one by one to pick out their favorite.

The dogs are all overjoyed, no doubt in awe about this magical room full of toys. But what’s incredible is that all the dogs really do seem to select their favorite out of the bunch and choose that as their present.

Some dogs know just what they want, like Milo, the long dog who picks the longest toy of the bunch:


While others, like Gizmo, need to take their time and find the toy with just the right squeak:


No matter what toy they pick, it’s clear that the gifts warm these dogs’ hearts.

Take a look at Chase, who contentedly lies on the floor after picking out his favorite toy — that’s the face of a dog who’s having a great Christmas!


“Santa Paws Day” has become a tradition over the past few years, and we hope it continues.

The shelter used to do a “Secret Santa” exchange where employees bought toys for specific dogs, but this way the dogs definitely get just the one they want — and makes for an adorable video.

Dogs Trust Ireland also has a message for people looking to bring home a dog over the holidays: please be responsible, and remember that a dog is for life.

“We are pleading with the public not to purchase puppies in the run up to Christmas,” said Ciara Byrne Head of Communications at Dogs Trust Ireland. “Sadly, this is the most lucrative time of year for puppy farmers, and we know genuine dog lovers don’t want to fuel this vile trade.”

They cited a high rate of dog rehoming in 2021, after a surge in demand during the pandemic. If you want to help a dog this Christmas, they urge you to sponsor one through their charity instead.

And you can always donate a toy to a shelter dog this Christmas — this adorable video proves that it will truly make their holiday.


We love this idea. What an adorable video and cute way to give these shelter dogs an unforgettable Christmas!

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