Shelter dog with aggressive form of cancer finds home to spend last months of his life

Like many who just want the absolute best for animals, the Humane Society of Central Texas has one goal they operate under, “Every animal that comes into our shelter leaves through adoption, foster, or rescue.”

So when Beso arrived at the shelter and staff learned he had a mass growing under his stomach, they wanted to find him a forever home and fast.

“We do not want this dog to die on the cold floor of a kennel when we know there is a warm loving home somewhere out there for him.”

The shelter removed the mass and a short while later Beso developed a cough. A few days later more tumors began to grow.

He had an aggressive form of cancer and the shelter estimated that he only had two months left until he crossed the rainbow bridge.

“We know he’s hospice and he only has a couple of months left. It’s really devastating for everyone. We’re all really sad about it, but we decided at that point we would do everything we could to make these last couple months of his life as happy as possible,” Executive Director Humane Society of Central Texas Dr. Paula Rivadeneria said, according to a local report.

The Humane Society of Central Texas put out a call for help. They asked for someone who’d be willing to give Beso all the love in the world to him for the remaining time he had left.

Within days, the shelter shared an exciting update with their community.

Beso found a foster home!

I’m so happy for Beso! No animal deserves to spend time more time than necessary at a shelter, especially at the end of their life.

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