Shelter dog was so lonely after her brother got adopted out — then she got great news

While it’s always good news when a dog gets adopted, sometimes it means having to split up a close pair — leaving one dog behind at the shelter, lonelier than ever after having to say goodbye to their best friend.

Recently, one dog was heartbroken after her brother got adopted out — but now she finally has good news of her own.

Stillwater Animal Welfare, in Oklahoma, shared on Facebook that a pair of doggie siblings were taken in as strays. The duo were dubbed “Bonnie and Clyde.”

After being unclaimed, the dogs were fixed and microchipped and up for adoption.

After some time in the shelter, Clyde was eventually adopted out, but Bonnie wasn’t — and she was heartbroken after losing her companion and cuddle partner.

“Bonnie is all alone since her brother got adopted, and she definitely misses having a sibling to cuddle with,” the shelter wrote, sharing a photo of Bonnie curling up by herself in her kennel:

They hoped Bonnie would be able to find a home of her own soon and end her loneliness.

They wrote that she “loves attention” and is good with children and other dogs. A staff member wrote in a comment that she took Bonnie for a walk before a parade and the dog “never got nervous or made a sound.”

“She seemed to adore the kids who wanted to pet her and would just sit right down to receive love from them. She wasn’t reactive to other dogs. She didn’t pull on the leash and was just a joy to be with!”

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for this sweet dog to find a home of her own.

As soon as the shelter opened up on Monday morning, there was an adopter there to give Bonnie a loving home.

In a Facebook comment, Brayden Routh, Bonnie’s new owner, said that the dog was “already settling in” — and best of all, she going to have a new doggie sibling: “She’s going to have the best life full of adventures with her blue heeler mix big sis.”

Bonnie is heartworm positive; the Humane Society of Stillwater originally offered to cover the dog’s treatments if she got adopted, but Brayden instead generously offered to pay for them herself so the shelter could “use their funds to save other lives.”

According to The Dodo, Bonnie has been renamed Ember, and she’s loving her new life and home — and especially her new doggie sibling, Tally.

“They became instant best friends,” Brayden told The Dodo. “It really couldn’t have worked out any better than it did… She has been the perfect addition to my life!”

We’re so glad Bonnie/Ember finally has a home of her own, and will never be lonely again! ❤️

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