Shelter dog kept sneaking out to visit medical facility — so they decided to adopt him

Sometimes animals enter our lives in the most unexpected ways. Sometimes we choose our pets, but sometimes they’re the ones choosing us.

That was the case for one dog, whose habit of sneaking out of the shelter led him to an unexpected new home — and now he’s giving back to help other shelter dogs in need.

In 2017, Scout was living in Michigan’s Antrim County Animal Shelter — but had a habit of breaking out. Described as a “very intelligent dog,” Scout has a knack for opening doors and fences.

What made it even more unusual is he kept sneaking out to the same place: Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility.

“I don’t know why he chose us,” Meadow Brook Administrator Marna Robertson told UpNorthLive.

After his third “jailbreak,” employees found Scout fast asleep on the facility’s couch — and felt that it might be meant to be. Sensing that Scout had chosen his own home, they adopted the rescue dog for good.

Ever since then, Scout has been a very welcome part of the facility’s staff, and is especially beneficial for the patients. The staff says Scout “creates a sense of home” for people separated from their own pets.

“He knows all the residents. He knows who belongs who doesn’t belong, and he protects the household,” Meadow Brook Household Coordinator Jenny Martinek told UpNorthLive.

“He knows when people are sick or you know not doing well and he will go in and lay with them and give them comfort,” added Clinical Care Coordinator Stephanie Elsey.

Scout has been a wonderful and unexpected addition to their lives — so this year, the staff decided to give back to Scout’s former shelter through a fundraiser.

The medical facility set up the “Scouts House Paws for the Pantry Fundraiser,” which runs through January 13. They are accepting donations of pet food and toys that will be donated to Antrim County Animal Shelter.

Scout may have found the perfect home, but not every dog and cat is so lucky, so it’s heartwarming to see Scout and his new family giving back to pets in need.

“Scout truly brings joy to our residents, staff and visitors,” the facility wrote on Facebook. “This is his home. He chose us. Because Scout has made such an impact on all of us we felt that it is very important to show our support to local Animal Shelters.”

\Sometimes dogs really do choose their own family, and it’s clear Scout chose the perfect home.

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