Shelter dog is always passed over because he looks “scary” — still looking for a home after 210 days

All shelter dogs only want love and a home to call their own, but too many are constantly passed over by adopters for no fault of their own.

Like one dog, who has been struggling to find a home because he looks “scary.” 😢💔

Biggie is a pit bull, about 3-5 years old, who is in the care of the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford, Connecticut. He has had a sad life: The shelter wrote on Facebook that he has been “abandoned and abandoned” and “let down by multiple families.”

Things haven’t gotten any easier for the dog: for over half a year, he’s been waiting in the shelter, but no one wants to take him home due to the way he looks.

The shelter says that Biggie has many amazing qualities: he loves to go hiking and on car rides, he’s a medium energy level dog and he’s good with kids 14 and older.

“Biggie is such a sweet guy with a happy personality,” Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter wrote. “He did well in the cat room and enjoys pack walking with dogs too.”

Despite that, they say people always overlook him because he’s “too big” or “looks scary.” They even had one visitor say they were looking for a “happy go lucky pit bull,” but rejected Biggie because “his ears are scary.”

“Biggie has no idea he’s supposed to look scary… he just wants to be loved,” the shelter wrote.

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Facebook/Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter

After more than 6 months of rejection, the shelter says it’s taking a toll on the poor dog and he’s become “depressed.”

“He used to run up to the front of the kennel to greet everyone, now he just lays on his bed,” shelter director Laura Selvaggio Burban told The Dodo. “We have staff and volunteers who take the dogs on day trips, and he does look forward to that, but he sulks going back into the kennel and just seems sad.”

It’s heartbreaking that sweet Biggie keeps getting overlooked because of the way he looks, but we hope he will find a great home soon.

If you think you can give Biggie a great home and are interested in adopting, you can make an inquiry on his adoption page.

If not, be sure to share this story to spread the word and help Biggie find a perfect family!