Severely matted dog surrendered to shelter, “one of the worst cases” they’ve seen — then dog gets incredible makeover

Many dogs need routine care and grooming or else their fur will grow overlong and become matted. Some cases become so severe that the dogs are unrecognizable and left in serious discomfort.

But a makeover can make a world of difference. That was the case recently, when one matted dog was surrendered to a shelter and got an incredible transformation.

On April 3, Wyandotte Animal Shelter, in Michigan, wrote on Facebook that they had taken in a dog named Pixie who had “one of the worst cases of overgrown, matted fur” they had seen in a long time:

Pixie was surrendered by her owner, who was unable to manage her daily care and was “embarrassed” the dog’s condition had gotten so bad and was reluctant to take her to a groomer.

“He had a hard time letting her go but surrendered her to us so we could ensure she would go to someone who could give her the life she deserved,” the shelter wrote.

After taking in the dog, they quickly got to work and made an appointment with The Downriver Grooming Co., who reportedly spent hours freeing Pixie from her uncomfortable, matted fur.

The fur was so heavy and overgrown that it overwhelmed Pixie: “This little girl was only 5.5 pounds, but she seemed twice her size due to the matted fur,” the shelter wrote.

Once the fur was removed, it revealed the beautiful little dog underneath — a complete and unbelievable transformation.

Facebook/Wyandotte Animal Shelter

Pixie was then taken for a medical examination. Thankfully, she did not have any of the medical issues found in other severe matting cases, such as burnt skin from trapped urine. She was treated for a urinary tract infection, and received bloodwork and x-rays after her foster family raised concerns.

After her remarkable makeover, Pixie got more incredible news: she was adopted! “Her new family reports that she is doing very well in her new home,” a shelter spokesperson told The Dodo.

How amazing — we’re so glad Pixie is freed from all that matted fur and now has a loving forever home! Thanks to everyone who rescued her!

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