“Severely emaciated” dog found lying on the side of the road — animal rescue fighting to save his life

Animal rescues do amazing work in giving pets in need a fighting chance. Now, one rescue is fighting to save the life of an emaciated dog found lying on the side of the road.

One Tail at a Time, a Chicago-based animal rescue, recently took in a dog they named “Sugar Snap,” who was in terrible shape.

According to a Facebook post, the dog was found laying on the side of the road by a man and his child while they were on the way to school. They dropped him at a police station, who took him to Chicago Animal Care and Control, who contacted One Tail at a Time.

Sugar Snap was so weak he couldn’t walk or even stand, but was able to lift his head up. He was severely underweight, weighing just 19 pounds when he should be 50 pounds.

The rescue did not immediately know if there was an underlying medical cause, but jumped into action to give Sugar Snap a fighting chance. Thanks to generous donations, the rescue was able to provide medical care, and within days Sugar Snap was able to stand up on his own.

While it was promising news, Sugar Snap soon had another setback after his blood pressure and blood glucose dropped, One Tail at a Time wrote yesterday. They scheduled him for a blood transfusion.

The rescue said they were “absolutely not giving up,” and that they were continuing to provide all the care the dog needs.

“Every dog should be so lucky. And they can be. Make sure to do something in Sugar Snap’s honor for homeless pets today,” One Tail at a Time wrote, encouraging people to donate or adopt. “If everyone pitches in, they get to live.”

Thank you for saving Sugar Snap — we hope this beautiful dog pulls through ❤️ Hang in there, Sugar Snap!

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