Senior poodle was abandoned by owner who wanted her put down — rescue gives her a second chance

All dogs deserve love and care, even senior dogs who might not have much time left. Recently, one old dog was abandoned by her owner who wanted her put to sleep — but one rescue spared her life and gave her a second chance.

A poodle named Princess was recently abandoned outside the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, in Virginia, left in a small dog crate. The senior dog was left with bags of her belongings — and a note from the owner, asking that Princess be euthanized and her items given to other dogs after her death.

But while the dog was elderly, the shelter didn’t see any reason for her to be euthanized. They transferred her to Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue, who could give the old dog all the care she needed.

“The shelter is no place for a fragile Senior with questionable medical history so we said yes and she was en route that same day,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “We will do everything we can to rectify the way Princess has been treated and to give her a chance at a happier final chapter in her life.”

In a follow-up post, they said it appeared Princess had been well cared for, and it’s not clear why the owner ultimately decided to leave her for dead like that.

“She had clearly been loved and the lack of concern for her precious life did not reflect in each of her belongings. There was a disconnect and we will never know what that was but Princess is safe.”

Safe and sound in the rescue, Princess thrived, surprising everyone with her recovery and positive spirit. The rescue has shared photos and videos of Princess rocking some cozy dog sweaters.

Based on the medical information provided, it was decided that Princess would be best in a dedicated hospice foster home. She’s doing great, and will no doubt spend whatever time she has left surrounded by love and comfort.

No dog should be put down until it becomes absolutely necessary — sometimes even the oldest dogs still have plenty of life left in them and deserve love until the very end.

Thank you to this rescue for saving Princess’ life and giving her a great new foster home! Please share this inspiring news if you love dogs!