Senior dog was returned to shelter for “being boring” — rescuers discover what’s really wrong

We love hearing stories about shelter dogs being adopted, but not every adopted dog has truly found their “forever home.” Some dogs are returned to the shelter as soon as they’ve finally gotten out.

That was the case recently, when a newly adopted dog was returned for “being boring.” But now this senior dog is in good hands and getting the proper love and care she needs.

Honey, a senior husky, was one of the hundreds of dogs adopted from the Mega Adoption Event in Orange County, Florida. While that event was a success and led to some cleared-out kennels, unfortunately it wasn’t a happy ending for Honey.

According to a Facebook post from Rescue Me Tampa, Honey was returned by her owners for being too “boring” for them. Honey was not interested in playing or eating: the family’s daughter who wanted a “more playful friend” and was disappointed that Honey “doesn’t have much of a personality.”

It was the second surrender Honey has faced: her owners of five years recently surrendered claiming their child was allergic.

Making things worse, Honey was surrendered back to a kill shelter, putting the senior dog’s life in danger if she didn’t find the right home soon. But thankfully, within 24 hours Honey was taken in by Husky Life Rescue.

The rescuers took Honey to the vet, and discovered that she was closer to 15 years old — five years older than her previous reported age. They also learned the senior dog was suffering a number of previously undiagnosed health issues that might account for her “boring” personality.

“Her liver and pancreas were elevated quite high. She does have a UTI and respiratory infection,” Husky Life Rescue wrote. “It’s no wonder she was ‘boring’… kind of hard to be motivated when you feel so bad.”

Honey was also diagnosed with pancreatitis, and her vet did not know if she was going to survive. But with effective medications, Honey began to pull through.

“She’s doing much better in just two days,” veterinarian Dr. Y told FOX 13.

While Honey’s previous homes gave up on her, she was now in good hands with people who were devoted to doing “everything possible to help her” and provide whatever she needs through her illness.

“Honey is so sweet and such a good girl. We already love her so much,” they wrote.

According to WFLA, Honey also has a bad case of kennel cough and is recovering with the rescue’s veterinarian.

In an update, the rescue said that Honey was not currently up for adoption, as she will “need time to heal and adjust to her situation.” It is not yet clear if she will be placed up for adoption in the future, or if the senior dog will stay with the rescue.

Poor Honey — her previous adopters wrote her off as “boring,” not thinking that she was really an ill senior dog in need of care and love 😢💔 We’re glad she’s in good hands and gets everything she deserves for now on.

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