Senior dog finally finds forever home after 11 years in shelter

Every shelter dog dreams of finding their forever home, but it takes some longer than others. The heartbreaking reality is that some dogs wait nearly their entire lives before being adopted.

That was the case for one senior dog, who waited 11 years to find a home — but now her long wait is finally over ❤️

Fiona, a 13-year-old dog, spent most of her life at Second Chance Shelter in Boaz, Alabama. She first arrived there when she was one year old, after being picked up as a scared stray.

“She came from animal control, and they had to trap her actually to catch her and she was about a year old when we got her and she was pretty much feral,” Wanda McGee of the rescue told WMTV.

The dog was known as “Fergie” during her time at Second Chance. While over time she warmed up to her rescuers, she still struggled to find a home. Second Chance wrote on Facebook that while Fergie was sweet, she was “super shy” around new people, and needed someone who would take the time to earn her trust.

Sadly, the right person never came, and Fergie spent over a decade at the rescue. She turned 13 on February 13, elderly in dog years.

But last month, she got a change of scenery when she was taken in by Albert’s Dog Lounge, a sanctuary for senior dogs in Wisconsin.

She was renamed “Fiona,” marking this new start to her life. “We kind of do new life, new name,” vice president Lindsey Decker told WMTV.

After arriving at the sanctuary, she continued her search for a forever home — and after more than 11 years of waiting, her luck finally turned around.

The Saskowskis, a couple from Wisconsin, heard Fiona’s story and knew they could be the ones to finally give her the perfect home.

“I saw her story online and was just so overwhelmed with sadness that she was in the shelter for so long,” Carrie Saskowski told WMTV. “And no one would adopt her knowing how sweet she was. It was just so sad to me, and I thought, oh my gosh, could we have the best life together.”

Fiona’s long search was finally over, and everyone was thrilled for her. “I am so joyful, like my heart is bursting for her,” Decker said. “I’m so excited today. That she has a home like this amazing forever home.”

Fiona has gone off to her new home and is living her best life. According to Facebook updates, she received dental care from the local animal hospital and saw her “first Wisconsin snow.” “So proud this southern babe was able to embrace a northern spring storm,” Decker wrote.

We’re so glad Fergie/Fiona has finally found a home after 11 years! Congratulations to this beautiful dog ❤️

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