Senior citizens draw portraits of old shelter dogs to help them get adopted

Older animals often struggle to find homes. Senior dogs and cats are often passed over by adopters in favor of younger pets.

But one group of senior citizens is stepping up to advocate for these older pets in the most adorable way.

Draw For Paws is a nonprofit organization that raises money for animal charities by selling volunteer-created drawings of animals. They have raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

They recently kicked off their “Grandpaws Initiative,” which specifically aims to help oft-overlooked senior dogs find homes — with the help of some senior humans.

Draw For Paws partnered with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, in Fairfax, Virginia, and recruited seniors from the nearby Virginian Senior Living Community to draw three of the shelter’s older dogs.

The dogs are 11-year-old Pippa, 9-year-old Bo and 8-year-old Cali. They’re all good dogs looking for homes, and each have their own unique personalities. According to the nonprofit, Pippa is a “low energy girl” and “loyal companion” who loves attention. Bo loves snuggling and hates the cold, and Cali is an affectionate, friendly “love bug” who loves being around people.

The senior artists did a great job making artistic portraits of the dogs:

The project’s goal is to raise awareness for senior dogs, and especially to get the word out and help these three dogs find homes. All are adoptable at Homeward Trails.

Seniors helping seniors! Old dogs are so often overlooked by adopters, so it’s inspiring to see Draw for Paws and these kindhearted seniors get the word out about these beautiful dogs!

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