Selfless man takes in pups that nobody wants – now runs shelter with 750 dogs

As the proud and loving owner of two, I simply can’t understand why anyone would be okay with abandoning or neglecting a dog.

Sadly, this happens every day, all around the world, with dogs being cast out to fend for themselves on the streets.

Said dogs then often breed, creating new generations of that will never know the compassion and care a loving home can give them. The cycle continues, the problem grows.

Which is why I feel a special warmth for those who have dedicated their lives to helping our four-legged friends. They’re selfless people, striving to create a world where humans and dogs can experience equal enjoyment through harmony.

In that respect, they don’t come more selfless than Sasha Pesic, who in 2008 was travelling home in the Serbian City of Nis when he stumbled across four abandoned puppies.

Credit: Facebook / SashaShelterSerbia

The lonely quartet so moved him that he hatched a plan to help, knowing full well he lacked any financial backing. It was the beginning of a time of change for Sasha, one that would shape his future, and the futures of many poor pups.

Credit: Facebook / SashaShelterSerbia

Sasha, along with six volunteers, opened a shelter to provide a home and food to any dogs who needed it. He didn’t discriminate, he never said no. Through the help of contributions and donations from across the world, he was able to provide support for dogs who would have otherwise faced bitter uncertainty.

What’s more, he learned all their names, as well as helping to vaccinate them, sterilize them, and given them identification chips.

Credit: Facebook / SashaShelterSerbia
Credit: Facebook / SashaShelterSerbia

Igra bez granice!🤔

Posted by Sasha Pesic on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Fast forward to today, and Sasha’s shelter is home to an incredible 750 dogs. He’s rescued around 1,200 total, re-homing 400 of them in different places around the world.

Sadly, Sasha’s work isn’t completely admired by all. There are landowners where the shelter is located that are tying to bring about his departure.

A petition signed by thousands has managed to stave authorities off for now, but the matter isn’t permanently settled.

“The problem here is in the system and the institutions that should be taking care of this,” Sasha told Bored Panda. “They are broken and corrupted and cause even more damage rather than actually helping the situation.

“The other problem is in the irresponsibility of the owners who don’t neuter their dogs and leave them outside when they don’t want them anymore. Reasons vary from ‘I got a baby and I can’t take care of the dog’ to ‘I don’t need it anymore.’

“There is confusion and carelessness towards animals here that causes a lot of problems of these kinds.

“I receive zero assistance from the government and some vets are actually charging me more than regular prices because they think I have a lot of money from donations. I’m all on my own and I cover the veterinary treatment and everything necessary out of donations and my own pocket.”

Credit: Facebook / SashaShelterSerbia
Credit: Facebook / SashaShelterSerbia

Despite facing overwhelming odds, though, Sasha is determined to continue his fight. Anyone wishing to see more on his battle, and perhaps donate to his cause, can see his Patron page here:

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Posted by Sasha Pesic on Monday, November 4, 2019
Credit: Facebook / SashaShelterSerbia

Here’s to hoping Sasha can continue to help dogs in need wherever he finds them.

In any case, he can be extremely proud of his work so far. All told, it’s estimated he’s saved around 1,200 dogs!

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