Scared, shy shelter dog becomes overjoyed after reuniting with his lost family

It’s always heartbreaking when a pet goes missing, for both the owner and the dog. Being separated from their loving family can leave a dog scared and depressed.

But after months away from home, one lost dog was overjoyed after reuniting with his family.

Last November, a dog named Chase went missing in Denton, Texas. His family searched for him but couldn’t find him anywhere. But even after months apart, they still held out hope they would see their dog again.

“We hope is doing well wherever he is,” the owner said, according to a local lost dog Facebook group post. “We still haven’t given up hope.”

Months later, in April the City of Denton Animal Shelter picked up a stray dog. With no microchip or identifying information, they named him Kendolph.

After a five-day stray hold, they put the dog up for adoption — but he was so scared and shy that they wondered if anyone would ever want to take him home.

“He was very scared and didn’t want anything to do with anybody at all,” Misha Gonzales, an animal care technician at the shelter, told The Dodo. “He was very shy, timid and very standoffish. When we would leash-walk him, he seemed terrified. His tail would be tucked and he would be shaking and trembling.”

But thanks to “amazing people” who track local missing animals, the shelter soon discovered that “Kendolph” already had a family: he was actually Chase, the dog who had been missing for six months.

After months of searching and never giving up hope, this family finally got to reunite with their dog, and a video shows the incredible moment they see each other for the first time in half a year.

Everyone at the shelter was stunned as this scared, shy dog came back to life, joyfully wagging his tail as he sees his family again:

The animal shelter shared the video and called it the “feel good story of the year.”

“This morning was very emotional with a lot of happy tears,” they wrote. “Days like today makes up for all the bad days we have here at the shelter. Days like today is a great reminder why we love what we do.”

“Chase instantly turned into a happy, excited dog with his tail wagging and jumping on his dad and kissing him. We all lost it,” Misha Gonzales told The Dodo. “There wasn’t a dry eye in that lobby and watching Hubert and his pure, genuine love for his dog in that moment is indescribable.”

What a sweet story. It’s clear that this dog truly loves his family, and they love him too. We hope they are making up for lost time and are never separated again!

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