Sausage dog is stolen from her home along with all of her 6 newborn puppies

A London family was left heartbroken before Christmas after their beloved dachshund dog and her newborn litter of 6 puppies were stolen.

The family are concerned for the safety and health of their precious dog family and have appealed for their return on Facebook.

The sausage dog and her pups were taken from their south east London home on December 23.

Their owner Dave Serbarusbull told the Daily Mail they were “absolutely devastated.”

“Our two grandchildren are ringing every day crying asking has she been returned yet,” he added.

“They are even asking us if they can give up all their toys what they got for Christmas and their pocket money so that the bad people will give us our doggies back.”


A Facebook post appealing for the dogs safe return has been shared more than 15,000 times and police are investigating the theft.

Her heartbroken owner says his dog had to give birth via C-section and she’s also been spayed.

“For her to be away from us and the family must be horrific for her,” he said.


A reward is being offered for the dogs’ safe return or information regarding the theft.

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