Residents hit out after ‘barbaric’ notice offering reward for killing stray dogs

A notice offering a reward to kill stray dogs in a Chinese community caused so much outrage it was removed, according to media reports.

Local officials in Guangdong, southeast China, were offering residents $27 for those who kill stray dogs, categorized by those not on a leash, according to an article in the Daily Mail.

The notice came amid the coronavirus pandemic despite no evidence to suggest the virus can be transmitted to animals, according to the World Health Organisation. 

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“[We’ll] reward people who capture and kill stray dogs,” local officials in Guangdong said over a week ago in a document, the Daily Mail article stated. 

“For each killed stray dog, we will give 200 yuan (£23).”

Local residents have hit out forcing officials to rethink the wording of the notice.

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South China Morning Post

“It’s such a barbaric rule. I found it ridiculous,” a woman told the local press, as per the Daily Mail. “It’s not what a civilized society would do.”

Another resident said: “[This statement] would teach our children how to not love animals.”

A spokesperson from the Wanjiang community told Kankan News the statement was not intended to encourage people to kill dogs.

“We wanted to regulate keeping pets,” he added, as per the Daily Mail.

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