Rescued dog is now a hero crossing guard, protects school kids by stopping traffic

It’s incredible how protective dogs can be, especially with children. They seem to have a natural instinct to watch over their young owners when they sense danger.

One street dog has made that his full-time duty, serving as a crossing guard for kids crossing a busy street after school.

The dog is from Batumi, Georgia. He’s known by a few names in his native language, but he’s best known as Kupata, which means “sausage,” a nickname given to him by a butcher, one of the many people who look after the dog.

“I call him sausage because he’s chubby and well cared for,” the butcher told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.


This dog also performs a valuable service for his community, helping schoolchildren cross the street. He’s taken on the unofficial role on his own—he’s just looking after the kids he loves.

“Whenever he sees children, he runs up to them, and helps them cross the street,” his owner Nona Zakareishvili explained. “Then he either waits for them in the park or comes back home.”

Kupata rocketed to fame this month when a video of him in action hit Facebook:

He doesn’t just cross the street with the kids—he protects them by making cars stop at the crosswalk.

If a vehicle blows through, he’ll angrily chase the car off before returning to the kids:

Kupata had a rough start, beginning his life as a stray. But one day, he found a family to care for him.

“He came to our house four years ago,” Nona said. “He was still a puppy. I laid out a rug for him, and he’s been living here ever since. When I open my door, he’s waiting for me to feed him.”

It goes to show how when you rescue a dog, they can go on to do great things—and even rescue people.

And now, Kupata has been recognized for his services in a big way: the regional tourism office honored him with his own doghouse in his usual corner, complete with his own honorary star, like those on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


What an honor for this heroic former stray! He deserves it.

Keep up the great work, Kupata! Share this incredible story!