Rescue uses billboard space to help two long-term shelter dogs find a home

For animal shelters, the most important job is finding forever homes for all their animals. While it can be a challenge, sometimes the key is just getting the word out, telling these animals’ stories to the world.

Now, one shelter is taking a unique approach to promoting two of their shelter dogs: a billboard!

Many drivers pass by billboards every day, towering over highways and usually promoting a product or business. You don’t usually see them promoting animals.

But these big, eye-catching spots from Orange County Animal Services, which will be up all October, are all about getting two long-serving shelter pets a forever home.

“This is our first-time utilizing billboard advertising to bring attention to specific shelter pets,” OCAS wrote on Facebook. “We know there are community members out there that can provide homes to these dogs; we just need to find them.”

The stars of the billboards are Cano and Davey, two “staff favorites and long term residents,” who have each been waiting months to find a home.

According to the shelter, Cano was abandoned outside a veterinary hospital in April. He has been waiting for a home ever since, spending over 170 days in their care. OCAS says he’s “one of few dogs to have been held that long in the shelter’s history.”

“Cano has been posted countless times on the news and social media, but so far, no takers for this wonderful dog,” they wrote. Hopefully, the billboard will change this dog’s luck.

Davey, meanwhile, has waited nearly as long in the shelter, and also has an unfortunate backstory: he was adopted last year, only to be surrendered back in May.

“Davey is friendly and does well with other dogs, but can be mouthy and would benefit from finding an experienced dog owner,” OCAS wrote. “Davey is beloved by staff because he loves attention and treats.”

“We’re hoping this massive ad campaign will help get Cano and Davey, and many others, into good homes,” OCAS wrote.

In addition to promoting Cano and Davey, OCAS has also utilized their billboard space to spread other important messages. They encouraged people to report animal cruelty to a tip hotline, and also asked people to volunteer to foster and bottle feed kittens.

What a great idea! Hopefully these billboards encourage people to consider adopting, and Cano and Davey finally find perfect loving homes.

If you are interested in adopting, you can reach out to Orange County Animal Services!

Let’s help spread the word about this great idea and help these two beautiful dogs get adopted, share this story!