Rescue team saves dog who became trapped under shed after Hurricane Ida

Rescue team saves dog who became trapped under shed after Hurricane Ida

People across the US are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Ida. The hurricane was the largest to hit Louisiana since Katrina, and left widespread damage and blackouts in its wake. It also struck the northeast, leading to a total of 60 reported deaths.


In the wake of disasters like this, we can look to the positives, like stories of people helping those affected by the storm. That includes animals, who were also in the path of destruction and needed some human help in the aftermath.

Like one dog, who was trapped underneath a shed until a team of rescuers came to his rescue.

The Humane Rescue Alliance’s Disaster Response Team has been hard at work helping animals impacted by the hurricane. On Wednesday, they received a call from a New Orleans resident about a dog who was found trapped under a collapsed shed.


A rescue team from the HRA and the Louisiana SPCA arrived on the scene, and found the dog chained in the shed, tangled under debris, trapped there for days. You could hear the poor dog barking and wailing for help.

“We suspect the dog had been stuck there — terrified in the sweltering heat with no food or water—since Hurricane Ida hit on Sunday,” the Humane Rescue Alliance wrote on Facebook.

According to a neighbor, the dog’s name was Bubbles. The team quickly got to work to finally get the dog free.


They lifted the shed, and were able to guide Bubbles out and free him from the chain.

Despite the frightening ordeal, Bubbles was “miraculously” unharmed, and was grateful to the team.

“Once freed from the shed, Bubbles was super friendly and sweet and became almost immediately affectionate toward his rescuers.”


Watch the rescue video below:

According to the Humane Rescue Alliance, Bubbles has now been transported to the Louisiana SPCA for care.

In addition to this heartwarming rescue, Humane Rescue Alliance has been hard at work in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, including helping to evacuate 73 adoptable animals in New Orleans.

And they expanded their efforts after the hurricane hit the east coast, providing aid to affected families in New Jersey: “Today, our teams at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center are deploying to the communities we serve in New Jersey to help animals in distress and distribute resources such as food, litter, and other pet supplies to residents in need,” they wrote.

Earlier this week the Humane Rescue Alliance’s disaster response team was on the ground in New Orleans working at the…

Posted by Humane Rescue Alliance on Friday, September 3, 2021

Thank you to this rescue team for saving Bubbles from being trapped under the shed, and thank you to everyone who has been helping animals in the wake of Hurricane Ida.

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