Rescue dog with unusually long neck finds her forever home

Sometimes dogs have unusual features that makes them stand out from the crowd. While some people might not like these different-looking animals, there are other people who love them just the way they are.

Luckily, one unique rescue dog has found the loving home she deserves.

Meet Ketama, a dog with an unusually long neck:

Ketama is a dog breed known as the Spanish greyhound, or the Galgo Español.

Like greyhounds, they are bred for speed and agility, to be used in racing and hunting. While these dogs often have fairly large necks, Ketama’s is particularly long at 25 cm.

Unfortunately, these dogs are frequently neglected and abused—National Geographic calls them one of the most abused dog breeds on the planet, with “tens of thousands” killed and abandoned in Spain every year, often in gruesome ways. They are mass bred, and the ones not suited for hunting are often put down.

Ketama was one of the many Spanish greyhounds in need of a home. Luckily, one rescue group who specializes in Spanish greyhounds helped her find a home.

Ketama was rescued by Monique Morsink and her partner Martijn ten Voorde, from the Netherlands.

She quickly proved to be a great, loving pet. “Ketama turned out to be a really goofy and funny dog,” Monique told LADbible. “She always wants to be with you. She’s also very smart and will do anything for a treat.”

While Ketama is a normal, happy dog in many ways, she still definitely stands out in the crowd.

“We get a lot of attention on the streets,” Monique said. “There are not a lot of breeds like Ketama over here.”

“For her breed, she’s an exceedingly long girl. She is longer than most of the females of her breed I have seen. She has the measurements of a boy”

Due to her slender frame, Ketama also needs to wear a safety harness on walks, because she can slip out of a normal collar.

But Monique hopes the attention her one-of-a-kind dog receives will help raise awareness to the real problem surrounding Spanish greyhounds.

“I hope that because of her unusual features there will be more awareness for the breed, and the troubling situation in Spain,” she told LADbible.

While there are many dogs just like Ketama being bred in Spain who need rescuing, at least this dog has a safe home to call her own.

We’re so glad Ketama has a home, and is using her uniqueness to shine a light on the real problems facing Spanish greyhounds.

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