Puppy was badly burned after surviving house fire — soon gets a new home and a new job

An Oregon puppy suffered severe burns after a house fire — but after being rescued, this dog has found a new home and inspiring new purpose.

On March 24, South Coast Humane Society shared a “feel good story” on Facebook.

They recently received a call from the Deputy State Fire Marshal Aubrie Krause, who was also a friend of the shelter. She told them about a 16-pound puppy who had been rescued from a nearby home that had burned to the ground.

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Facebook/South Coast Humane Society

According to KPTV, the house fire occurred on February 28, and while no humans were hurt several animals died in the fire. Four puppies managed to survive, although their mother, a service dog, didn’t make it out.

The puppy, later dubbed “Smoky,” had serious burns across his body, including his left back and his paws.

“I went to pick up the puppy and could smell severely burnt flesh from feet away,” DSFM Krause recalled, according to a Facebook post. “When I picked him up, I could see he was swollen in the face, and one eye was completely shut. He had all his puppy pads burnt away.”

South Coast Humane Society reached out to a nearby vet and began a treatment plan for the burnt pup. “It was lots of intensive care, multiple cold baths, applying medicated, salve, wound management and skin removal, and lots of love!” they wrote on Facebook.

As Smoky recovered, the fire marshal began looking for an adopter for the pup — and soon found a perfect match.

Corey Byrant, a volunteer fire chief from Coos Bay, heard about Smoky and “fell in love” with the dog. “I was instantly drawn to him,” Bryant told KPTV. “He’s obviously a survivor.”

Once Smoky was recovered, and with the family’s permission, he adopted him — giving him both a new home and an inspiring purpose.

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Facebook/Oregon State Fire Marshal

According to the shelter, the firefighter is planning to train Smoky as an advocate for fire safety, teaching school kids about procedures like “stop, drop and roll.” He believes that by seeing Smoky’s injuries, kids will take the lessons more seriously.

“Did not expect him to go viral like this,” Bryant said, according to FOX 6. “I was just trying to do the right thing and adopt him and give him an awesome home, so, it’s a pretty neat story…. He’s expected to make a full recovery. He’ll have a couple bald spots, but, you know, lots of character.”

We’re so glad Smoky has a great new home and will help kids learn about fire safety. Please share this heartwarming story! ❤️