Puppy thrown out with the trash, city employees praised for rescuing it at the last second

A puppy was saved from almost certain death in east Columbus, Ohio last week when an observant garbageman spotted the frightened animal inside a dumpster.

The Columbus Department of Public Service thanked one of their Division of Refuse operators for finding the poor pooch before it was dumped into a truck.

James Day on Unsplash

According to their post, Dave Carlson was emptying dumpsters at an apartment complex when he noticed a puppy trying to free itself from beneath a pile of trash.

He immediately contacted his supervisor, Logan Sieg, who responded to the scene and dug in the trash to rescue the puppy.

Sieg took the puppy to a safe location, and while he waited for someone from Franklin County Dog Shelter to pick up the abandoned puppy, he fed the scared dog water and peanut butter crackers.

Thankfully, the puppy is said to be “doing great” and will soon be joining a family who is ready to adopt.

I can’t even imagine what would have become of this puppy if it wasn’t for Dave Carlson and Logan Sieg. Thank you to these two men for rescuing this poor puppy.

I do hope that whoever is responsible for dumping this dog is held accountable.

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