Puppy found stuck to the inside of a box after kids attempt to drown him in glue

Puppy found stuck to the inside of a box after kids attempt to drown him in glue

It was a shocking act of cruelty by a group of children who found a stray puppy and decided to subject him to the most torturous treatment.

The 4-month-old dog was found in a box in Istanbul, Turkey, drowning in industrial strength glue which had been poured over him by a group of children.

The gang of kids were playing in a vacant construction yard when they spotted the stray puppy and tempted him over with food but instead tortured the animal in the most horrific way, as reported by Ron Project.

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Thankfully a passerby heard his cries for help and were able to scare the children away, who were just standing by and watching this poor creature die a slow and cruel death.

The dog was still alive but was stuck to the side of the box.

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He was rushed to a local rescue organization where he hid in a corner afraid of the humans around him. But the glue on him stopped him from getting too far away and eventually staff were able to pick him up.

Vets had no choice but to shave off his fur as the glue was preventing his circulation and as it was industrial strength it was impossible for them to remove it.

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The dog, later called Pascal, was left red raw after being shaved and was still very timid.

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Pascal had to be monitored over the next few days as the vet was unsure how much glue he had ingested. Thankfully not enough to cause any harm and staff at the center were able to concentrate on showing this sweet dog that humans could be kind.

It took a couple of months for his fur to grow back but when it did Pascal was barely recognizable from the sorry state he had first arrived in.


He even made some new dog friends and became the friendly and trusting dog he would have been had he not had such terror inflicted on him.

Pascal even found a loving, forever family where he now spends his days on the beach getting all the love and fun he so deserves.


I cannot fathom the minds of these children who tortured Pascal in the most cruel way. I wonder and worry what examples they are seeing to treat an animal this way.

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