Protection for animals as abusers are registered like sex offenders in some U.S. states

In 2016, a historic decision was made in Tennesse, USA. The state became the first to introduce a special animal abuse registry.

The registry lists a person’s name, case number and the judgment against them in animal abuse or neglect cases. just like the existing register for sexual offenders. The decision has been celebrated by animal lovers across the U.S. and more recently several cities have also followed suit, including New York City, Indiana City and Tampa in Florida.


Registered for two years

The historic registry means that anyone can see who has been convicted of animal abuse. Those who end up on the registry will remain there for two years, and if further offences are committed they get another five years.

“Before the registry we had no idea”

So how does it work? According to the animal shelter in  Evansville, Indiana, you can see the people who are not suitable for adopting animals. Before the register, they had no idea whether a person had been convicted of animal abuse and were free to adopt more animals.

“Before the registry we really had no idea exactly who was being arrested or being charged by the law with animal neglect and cruelty, so its definitely played a big part in helping us be reassured that we can find good placement, Layne Fowler said at the animal shelter in Evansville.

The animal abuse registry exists in a number of states in the U.S making it easier for animal shelters not to let animals go to an unsafe home.

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