Pregnant cow with tears in her eyes kneels in front of butcher to spare her from slaughter

Pregnant cow with tears in her eyes kneels in front of butcher to spare her from slaughter

Throughout my life I have eaten meat, without really thinking about the conditions that animals are forced to suffer before slaughter.

Of course, in some farmhouses this is managed in the best possible way – but there are also scary examples that make me never want to touch a steak again.

In a heartbreaking video that spread like wildfire on social media, a cow is apparently kneeling in front of slaughterhouse workers begging them to spare her.

The heartbreaking scene shows the female cow, thought to be pregnant, bending both front legs and refusing to walk – tears can be seen in her eyes. 

According to Chinese news outlet The Paper, the animal had been earmarked to be killed in Shantou, Guangdong Province.

An insider, named Lin Wangbo, described what happened.

”After it arrived at the slaughterhouse and when the butcher tried to drag it off the truck and into the house to be butchered, it knelt and kept crying,” Mr Lin told The Paper.

One of the workers picked up the phone and recorded the heartbreaking scene and uploaded it to social media.

Once the clip started spreading over the world, thousands of animal lovers acted instantly.

Over $3,300 was donated by good samaritans to buy the cow alive and then released it to a local Buddhist temple. According to Chinese TV, the cow’s pregnancy motivated her to stay alive.

And after she was saved, another clip began getting attention. It showed the cow kneeling once more, this time in front of its saviours to express its gratitude.

Thank God she is safe so she can see her baby thank you all for helping to save her ❤️I had tears in my eyes reading this & felt so much gratitude for the cow when the temple adopted it, how beautiful💞