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Pregnant chihuahua’s belly never stops growing – when her puppies come out, an unlikely secret is revealed

When a team from Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption recently saved some dogs from a hoarding situation in Kansas, they immediately realized that one of them, a chihuahua, was pregnant and about to give birth.

Luckily, they were able to get the little dog with the enormous belly a foster home before she went into labor. And when the chihuahua finally gave birth, everyone was shocked. The birth turned out to be unprecedented, to say the least!

Image Source: Momma LOL Party of 11/Facebook

When Jessica Bennet of Unleashed Rescue first saw the pregnant chihuahua, the situation was urgent. The expectant mother was ready to give birth at any second. Jessica needed to find her a home fast, and luckily, a woman named Josie Brown stepped up.

Once the dog, who was now named Laugh Out Loud, or LOL, settled into Josie’s house, she went into labor — and on National Puppy Day, of all days!

One by one, LOL’s puppies came out. But something about the birth surprised Josie.

Just when she thought the last puppy had come out, another one arrived. Chihuahuas don’t usually give birth to than five puppies, but soon LOL had a sixth puppy and then a seventh.

“Foster mom told us eight, and we thought surely she was done. Then came nine and 10,” Rebecca Taylor of Unleashed Rescue told The Dodo.

Image Source: Momma LOL Party of 11/Facebook

The next morning when Josie counted the puppies again, she made an incredible discovery. There were eight males and three females. In other words, one more puppy had been born during the night!

Despite the massive number of puppies that LOL had, they were all healthy.

“They are doing wonderful,” Rebecca from Unleashed Rescue says.

Since LOL’s babies seemed so unprecedented, Rebecca went online and found out that the largest chihuahua litter ever recorded was 10. LOL had broken the Guinness World Record!

Everyone involved was happy to be involved in the incredible rescue and birth of LOL and her puppies.

“We are very optimistic about their future. They are each going to have wonderful, loving homes,” Rebecca from Unleashed Rescue says.

The 11 puppies are named Lars, Axl, Bowie, Bjork, Angus, Elle, Willow, Meatloaf, Doyle, Sid and Guinness (as a tribute to the world record). Follow them on their Facebook page and scroll down to see a video of them in action!

Image Source: Momma LOL Party of 11/Facebook

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