Poor dog found with the word 'FREE' spray painted across his fur

Poor dog found with the word ‘FREE’ spray painted across his fur

It’s hard to believe anyone would think to write or drawn on an animal like it’s a blank canvass, but sadly many people do it anyway.

Like one poor dog, who was found covered in spray paint graffiti, a sight that left people shocked.

A woman named Barbara Allen shared the story on Facebook. On Thanksgiving her coworker, Kathy, found a dog on the side of the road in Helena, Montana.

The lab had the word “FREE” spray painted across his side.

UPDATE AGAIN.To everyone, the owner definitely did not do this. The veterinarian of this pup has been located and also…

Posted by Barbara Allen on Thursday, November 22, 2018

The poor dog must’ve been so uncomfortable with all that paint on his fur.

While one would assume this done by the dog’s owners in a misguided attempt to give the dog away, that wasn’t actually the case.

The dog’s owners weren’t responsible for the writing. They would let the dog roam around town on his own, and it’s suspected that the he was tagged with graffiti by a disgruntled neighbor.

“I’m sure it was a message to the actual owner of the dog,” Undersheriff Brandon Harris of the Broadwater County Sheriff’s Office told KBZK.

The culprit doesn’t seem to have been caught, but they would’ve been subject to a potential animal cruelty charge.

By all accounts, the dog’s original family treated her well and the dog was found in good condition, however, they agreed to let their dog be rehomed.

Instead, he was taken in by the woman who found him—and she decided to name him “Freedom.”

We’re glad Freedom has a new forever home, and got a happy ending after this ordeal! Share this story!