Police smash window to free dog from hot car on 104 degree day

Dogs being left in hot cars remains a tragically preventable cause of death for pets. Dogs are very susceptible to heat stroke, and being left locked in a vehicle unattended can quickly lead to fatal consequences.

 PETA has tracked 57 preventable hot car deaths since 2019, and we’ve already gotten one case this summer that left two dogs dead.

If you find a dog at risk of heat stroke, it’s important you act before it’s too late… even if it means damaging property, it’s always worth it to save a dog’s life.

That was the case for police officers in Seville, Spain, who staged an urgent rescue for a dog trapped in a hot car.

Police got a call from locals about a tiny Yorkshire Terrier left inside a vehicle by their owner. It was a scorching hot day: reportedly 40°C outside, equal to 104°F, it and it was likely 10-15 degrees hotter in the car.

The dog was undoubtedly suffering in the car. It isn’t clear how long he had been in there for, but the dog was hiding on the floor of the vehicle, something dogs do to try and keep cool in this situation.

With no owner in sight and the clock ticking, police took a drastic step to save the dog:

They shattered the window.

The broken window allowed the officers to reach the dog, finally freeing him from the unbearable heat.

The dog was found in bad shape: he was already overheating so much that locals doused him with water bottles to cool him off. Police brought the dog to veterinary care.

The dog’s owner, a 49-year-old woman, was soon found… and, according to Seville Police, she didn’t see what the big deal was.

She apparently thought this high temperature was nothing to worry about, and said she had left the dog alone in a car before.

But justice was served: she was reported for animal abuse, as well as for not being up-to-date on her dog’s vaccinations.

(And on top of that, she’s gonna need a new window.)

Thank you to these officers for saving this poor dog. It’s a reminder that as the summer heats up, we all need to be vigilant about dogs and hot cars — intervention can save a dog’s life before it’s too late.

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