Police smash car window to save dog in critical condition after he was left in 123-degree heat

Police smash car window to save dog in critical condition after he was left in 123-degree heat

As temperatures continue to rise and we enter the hottest time of year, some people still seem to think it’s okay to leave their dogs in cars while they shop.

Why anyone who loves their pet would leave it in a hot car, which we are told time and time again gets even hotter than the temperature outside, I will never understand.

In 2012 Dr Ernie Ward carried out an experiment to show how quickly temperatures rise in a car on a hot day, even with the windows cracked. In just 20 minutes he said the heat was unbearable.

For one small dog in Denver his situation became unbearable when he was left in a hot car in which the temperature surpassed 120 degrees.


Police officer Dave Kornowski and his partner were called to reports of animal cruelty at a Walmart and arrived to find the pup called Pedro in distress.

According to KTLA sister station KDVR in Denver  officers smashed the window to rescue the dog and his owner was arrested.

Note: This video from FOX31 KDVR.com has footage that may be disturbing.Please remember that leaving an animal in a…

Posted by Foothills Animal Shelter on Wednesday, August 7, 2019


The temperature has already reached nearly 100 degrees outside but inside the car that Pedro was trapped in it was 123.7 degrees, police said.

Officer Kornowski said it appeared the dog had “neurological issues” from being in the car that long.

“If you love your animal that much, you wouldn’t leave it in a hot car like that,” he said.

Critical condition

The dog was rushed to an animal hospital in a critical condition but thankfully is expected to survive and will be taken to Foothills Animal Shelter.

Staff shared Pedro’s story on their Facebook page with a stern reminder that “leaving an animal in a hot car is never safe.”

“Temperatures can rise rapidly in an enclosed vehicle and become dangerous in minutes,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post. “When in doubt, leave pets safely at home.”

Fox Denver

This just keeps happening and I’m glad people are reporting dogs in this situation and officers have the power to use whatever means necessary to help these poor pooches.

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