Police respond to call about ‘giant dog’ who won’t leave store, return him to owner

It’s always hard when a pet goes missing. But when one big dog wandered off from home, it turned out he just wanted to do a little shopping!

That’s the funny scene captured in one police video, after officers responded to a call from a store who couldn’t get one furry customer to leave.


According to a Facebook post from the Bradenton Police Department, officers responded to a call from a local Dollar General about an unusual situation: a “giant” 135-pound dog was wandering their store by himself.

Arriving on the scene, the officers ask the employees if the dog is aggressive. They assure them there’s nothing to worry about — “he’s a big, beautiful boy,” one employee says.


The dog is a gentle giant: he has just been casually exploring the store, winning the hearts of the staff, who are in awe of how big he is: “I don’t know who could’ve lost him or how!”

The dog arrived at the store all on his own, and wouldn’t leave. “So, he just walked in?” an officer asks.

“Yeah, like ‘hey I’m here to go grab something’ and then he really just walked the whole store,” an employee responds.


It was clear that the dog was a house dog and not a stray, and the store employees were happy to let the gentle dog explore, continuing to go about their business. But the store had to close, so they contacted the police for help.

It turns out that the dog, named Bentley, had gone missing from home, but police soon reunited him with his family.


“Bentley’s Dad realized he was missing and was grateful that the store, and officers, looked after him,” the police department wrote.

Thankfully, Bentley had a microchip — “or maybe a megachip,” as the officers joked.

How funny — thank you to everyone who looked after this sweet, big dog while he was missing! We’re glad Bentley is back home safe!

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